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S.O.S(Sparta of Sparta)

The strict course that first month students should take 6 class hours.(only for Korean students)
  • 6 class hours consists of 4 hours of individual classes, 1 hour of group class, 1 hour of special class
Semi Sparta
The ordinary course that second month students can opt for is 5 hours of classes and 1-hour-optional class. This course is good for the students who want some more of self study hours.(only for Korean students)
  • 5 class hours : 3 hours of individual classes, 2 hours of group class
    1 optional class – students should join at least 1 class among special class or Korean class or Study Group

Elite Sparta

The very strict course in Martin for intermediate and advanced students consists of 8-hour-classes and 2-hour-study groups.(for foreign & Korean students)
  • 7 class hours : 5 hours(for ESL) or 4 hours(for test course) of individual class, 1 hour of group class, 1 hour of special class
  • 1-hour-study group : memorization of a vocabulary & a pattern book
  • Students of the Elite Sprat Course, many of whom stay more than 6 months in HELP are required to speak English 24 hours.
  • To join this course, a student should pass a qualifying exam that has writing and listening and speaking test.(only for Korean students)
These courses are designed to simulate the actual tests. They are set to each student’s English ability. There is the basic, the intermediate and the advanced.
  • Students have four (4) individual classes, one (1) group class, one (1) morning listening class, and one (1) special class as an option.
  • IELTS, TOEIC, and TOEFL courses have the highest participation in HELP, thus, students spend a lot of time studying. So with these courses, we can see students with good communication skills and good ability in cracking these tests.

  • Regular Class

    1 on 1 individual class

    Students have 5 individual classes (for test course, 4 hours) with 5 different teachers and each individual class lasts for 50 minutes.
    Students can experience our efficient curriculum and highly skilled teachers
    Students can improve their English studies with our enthusiastic teachers’ customized service.

    1 on 4 group class
    Students have 1 hours of Group Class which follow TESOL standards
    Our TESOL-based group class consists of two important parts of English: one is grammar, the other is application.
    Our TESOL-based group class is so interesting that your English will be considerably improved.

  • Special Class

    This special class is optional, so students can freely join based on their interest and learning style. Each special class focuses on one specific subject such as listening, pronunciation, vocabulary application etc.
    Students can attend two special classes at 5 or 6 p.m. unless there is a conflict between the two.


Longlong campus  Martin campus 
* Basic Listening Class (This class covers diverse situations in daily lives)
* Intermediate Listening Class (This class covers daily lives, discussion, debating, and news)
* Advanced Listening Class (This class covers various subjects such as CNN, movie clips, and discussion)
* Word Bank Class (This class is for the application of the words which students memorized in the vocabulary study group)
* Basic Pronunciation Class (This class is aimed at the pronunciation and stress of the words in the vocabulary study group)
* Intermediate Pronunciation (This class covers stress and basic blending with which students can improve their speaking skills
* Advanced Pronunciation Class (This class teaches students better speaking skills in transactional situations
* English Village (This class helps students learn new expressions in various situations)
* Speak Easy (This class teaches how to prepare job interviews)
* Movie Club (This class helps students learn new expressions from movies)
* Prepositions (This class is aimed at learning and applying diverse prepositions)
* Discussion (This class teaches students how to argue and debate various subjects)
* Book Club (This class helps students understand the context of a book with discussion and explanation)
* Job Interview (This Job Interview class teaches how to prepare job interviews)

          Some other Class can be opened on a monthly basis.

    Memorizing vocabulary

    Students memorize a certain volume of vocabulary and are tested by a leader of a study group.
    However, this test is conducted verbally not in written form, which is why preview is needed.
    First month students must join in designated study groups, while over second month students can choose their study groups and the amount of memorizing they need.

    Students pay some penalty for the number of mistakes in a study group.

    Type of study groups
    * Pictory Vocabulary(middle school) 45 words a day
    * Pictory Vocabulary(high school) 50~75 words a day
    * Efficient Vocabulary(high school) 80~160 words a day

    Pattern memorizing

    Students memorize patterns – a type of expressions – and are tested in a study group.
    This pattern study is also conducted verbally which is why students must study them together with pronunciation and comprehension.
    Students are assigned to a different pattern study groups from the vocabulary groups.

    Type of study groups
    * Pattern principals : 30 sentences a day
    * Pattern 231: 10~50 sentences a day

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