Academy Policy

1. General Rules and regulations

  • Registration Period: Applications should be submitted before the recruiting deadline and tuition fees should be paid 3 weeks before the program starts
  • Program Period: By policy, a 12-week-long program is given for initial registration and you can extend a program for another 4-week basis
  • Payment: An Initial 12-week program tuition fee and other expenses should be paid 3 weeks before the program starts
  • Application and payment confirmation: You can confirm the application and payment via your own agent
  • Preparedness and departure: Regarding this, your agent will be willing to help you 

2. Tuition fee and other expenses and application policy

  • Authorization regarding tuition fees : Tuition fees and other expenses shall be subject to change according to exchange rate, tax, prices and other measures taken by the government
  • Tuition Payment
    (1) You need to pay for at least a 12-week program for initial registration
    (2) For extended program, you can extend a program for another 4-weeks
    (3) By policy, all tuition fees and expenses should be paid in advance and in cash
  • Refund
    (1) A refund of the enrollment shall not be given under any circumstances
    (2) In case of postponement of the program after enrollment, a period of 1 year is given for the student to validate his registration
  • Refund Policy
    (1) A refund of the tuition fee and other expenses can be given before the start of the program minus 100,000 won(penalty)
    (2) The following refund scheme shall be applied :
    a. If you have started the program = No refund shall be given for the 1st program
    b. 60% shall be refunded = for the 2nd program
    c. 70% shall be refunded = for the 3rd program
    d. 80% shall be refunded = for the last program
    Your program begins upon your arrival at HELP academy.
    (3) In case of expulsion, the following refund scheme shall be applied :
    a. No refund = for the 1st program and
    b. 55% shall be refunded = for the remaining
    c. In case of two remaining programs, you get 55% off from the first program and 65% off the second program, and 75% off the third program
    (4) In case you were overcharged for your tuition, you will be reimbursed for the overcharge
    (5) By policy, HELP offers 12weeks for each program. In case of being less than 12weeks  a refund is not valid
  • Refund for other expenses
    (1) VISA, SSP : Refund is applicable before you apply for visa and SSP
    (2) Pick-up : Refund is applicable if you did not take the service/ ride 
  • Extension of program
    (1) After initial registration, you can extend a program for another 4-weeks, but you need to apply for it 4 weeks before a program starts
    (2) 50,000 won discount is given for those who apply for a 12-week-program
    (3) You need to pay for the extended program 3 weeks before the new program starts
    (4) A refund of 60% is given before the start of the program for no-initiated program
    (5) In case you want to extend your programs, you need to register through your original agent
    (6) In case of over 8 week’s extension, refund policy (2) is applied
  • Refund Process
    (1) You need to accomplish the refund form before asking for refund
    (2) You can get your refund in 15 days after you submit the refund form through your agent
    (3) Refund for class : In case of no class due to teachers’ absences, you can get the refund for the class
    No refund is given for special classes even if the teacher is absent.

3. Regulations on a study program

  • Class Schedule
    (1) You shall be given classes for 4 weeks (20 days)
    (2) One class is 50 minutes long and recess is for 10 minutes
    (3) A special class is provided from Monday to Thursday and for the last week of each program it is given from Monday to Tuesday
    (4) You are not allowed to have classes off campus and need to study in designated places only
    (5) In case of being 15 minutes late for a class, it is regarded as an absence, the teacher will make a decision whether to have class or not
    (6) In case of teachers’ tardiness (over 15 minutes) or absence, you have the right to demand a makeup class or refund.(150 pesos for an individual class and 100 pesos for a group class). But no refund is given for special classes
    (7) You have classes 5 days a week and 4 weeks per program
    (8) You can take a test for going Martin's campus on the first week, for academic classes on the second week, for QE(level test) and EOP on the fourth week. Refund shall not be given for these
    (9) In case of leaving school early before the end of the program for personal reasons, students cannot have classes in advance
    (10) A refund for no class incurred due to natural disaster shall not be given
    (11) No class shall be given on special and national holidays

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Level 1 to 9
Improve English skills from enrollment to graduation


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One education team is in charge of 50 to 100 students from enrollment to graduation.
It is the first Sparta system based on 15 years old accumulated know-how.

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Sparta System


A. Small School System

* Placement Test upon enrollment
* Level 1~9
* Tuning  levels based on performance

B. Curriculum & Contents

* SSS : operate a small call under a team
* one-on-on intensive class
* Personal School Record
  - one-on-one counseling on English skills

C. English Mentoring System

* 4+2 English sections, 9 levels 
* 150 textbooks
* regular course/academic course for Toeic, Toefl, IELTS)

D. Level Tuning System

* Mentoring : one teacher in charge of 6 students.
* Counseling : one counselor per team
* English Checker 
* Study Checker

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HELP ENGLISH™ Language Program, Inc. is the oldest and most trusted English institute in the Philippines.
We have been in operation for more than 16 years and we are the school that has its own building and facilities.

HELP ENGLISH™ Language Program, Inc. boasts of over 150 very well-trained instructional staff and 65 efficient non-instructional staff that care for the needs of our students.

Our curriculum, which is strictly followed, ensures optimum learning for our students.
We at present have a regular number of students at 350, as much as we would like to accommodate more, we simply do not have the room.
We are proud to have had more than 15,000 happy and satisfied graduates who have been with us over the years.

We hope you to be the next. We are waiting here.


2013  An Official TOEFL Authorized Test Center
2012  Affiliated with Central Luzon College of Science and Technology
2011  Opening of HELP Clark campus with 300 students
         An Official TOEIC Authorized Test Center(TOEIC S&W iBT and TOEIC S-only iBT)
         Affiliated with King's College of the Philippines
2010  The first published book "HELP ENGLISH GRAMMAR"
2009  HELP English Program with 350 students
2008  Opening of HELP TOEIC Academy in Busan Starting of HELP On-line English(HOE)
2007  Opening of Long Long campus
2006  Partnership with AILA(TESOL) in Australia Partnership with EIGO(Internet English) in Japan
2005  Opening of Seoul office
2002  Starting of HELP JUNIOR
2001  Accreditation from TESDA
1996  Founding of the first SPARTA Institute in the Philippines

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