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Clark Campus

Campus/Clark Campus 2012. 1. 11. 19:06

HELP CLARK is the home of quality education where students are trained to become effective international communicators and become top leaders in the future. It helps individuals to be confident and courageous enough to face challenges head on by speaking their hearts and minds out to whoever and whatever nationality they meet on their way to success.
HELP English Language Program, Inc. has 16 years of English Education experience in baguio city. We applied all the Know-How to HELP CLARK branch considering CLARK natural environment. Students can experience the HELP management system(Semi-Sparta) in CLARK branch.
HELP CLARK is strategically situated in a former US Military Base with American-like surroundings and ambience.  Five minutes away from the International Airport and  1.5 to 4 hours away from other major Asian destinations. Clark also boasts a wide array of leisure and business activities which makes it a perfect approach to delivering the top caliber education that we promote with our students.

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Martin Campus

Campus/Martin Campus 2011. 10. 30. 09:16

Martin Campus

Martin Campus is a 6 story structure, located 5 minutes away from the heart of downtown Baguio city.
The study hall is located on the fourth floor which is an ideal location so as to minimize road noise and distractions. The reception area is on the first floor while the classrooms are on the basement. Within the area, there is wireless Internet service available 24 hours a day.

Martin Campus is a 6 story structure, located 5 minutes away from the heart of downtown Baguio city

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The HELP building was designed to conform with the geographic terrain of the lot to give it a more impressive and environmental beauty. It includes a fully carpeted movie room with built-in automatic viewing projector, a multi-purpose room to serve as a library, a study hall and a fully equipped gym.

The HELP building is located 20 minutes from Baguio City. As such it is highly conducive for studying because of the quiet and peaceful ambience and cool climate.

Long Long Campus

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